While providing nautical charts, nautical publications, derived products and services in order to contribute to the safety of life and property at sea, we undertake;

dümen   to comply with the legal requirements,

dümen   to protect public interest,

dümen   to comply with the international standards,

dümen   to assume an active role in our interest areas,

dümen   to ensure continuity of product reliability,

dümen   to make future plans in the light of innovations and technological developments,

dümen   to offer innovations that are adding value to products and services,

dümen   to create an integrated compilation & design process,

dümen   to ensure the data received from the stakeholders is reflected in the products correctly and in the shortest time,

dümen   to meet demands as soon as possible,

dümen   to be human focused,

dümen   to improve the educational level of the staff,

dümen   to create a transparent, measurable and auditable compilation & design process,

dümen   to improve the Quality Management System continuously.